Effective JULY 1, 2011 all visa applicants must fill out Russian Visa application forms using only the Special Visa Application Web Service located here All other application forms will not be accepted. Make sure to fill out your information online. Please also provide us with the information you used to log into the site, in case we need to make changes to your application.

For your convenience and proper visa processing, Consulate only accepts visa computer typed application forms.

Attention: We do not accept forms filled out by hand!

Please follow the following steps when filling out and submitting your form:

  1. Choose correct visa application form below
  2. Open it on your computer using Adobe Reader (version 6.0 or above)
  3. Fill out the form online - (For your protection all your personal data should be saved on your computer only. We don't download or save your information on our system thus it can't be seen by others except yourself)
  4. Print it on your printer on Letter paper (81/2 x 11 in)
  5. Put the date and sign application form
  6. Submit application to Travel and Visa 925B Peachtree Street #344, Atlanta, GA 30309, along with other required documents, as well your information you used to log into the website, in case we need to change information on your application


Do not leave any blank spaces on the form. If a question does not apply, please type "N/A” If the answer is none, write "None" Please ensure that the dates of your entry and exit as entered in the application form match with the period specified in your invitation. The form should bear the original signature of applicant and must be readable. Please note that all dates in your application form must be written as follows: DD / MM / YYYY – Example: 05/11/2011 for 5 November 2011. Please clearly print your contact telephone number (office and home). Incomplete forms, forms with no signature, forms with handwritten corrections, and/or forms filled out illegibly will be returned to the applicants unprocessed.
In certain cases visa application can be officially denied.

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Russia Business visa fees for citizens of United States

Type of visa Maximum validity Processing time Embassy fee Service fee Total cost
Single Entry 30 days 20 business days $ 0.00 + $ 334 = $ 334
Single Entry 30 days 15 business days $ 0.00 + $ 384 = $ 384
Single Entry 30 days 11 business days $ 0.00 + $ 424 = $ 424
Double Entry 30 day 20 business days $ 0.00 + $ 354 = $ 354
Double Entry 30 day 15 business days $ 0.00 + $ 404 = $ 404
Double Entry 30 day 11 business days $ 0.00 + $ 444 = $ 444
Single Entry 90 days 20 business days $ 0.00 + $ 364 = $ 364
Single Entry 90 days 15 business days $ 0.00 + $ 414 = $ 414
Single Entry 90 days 11 business days $ 0.00 + $ 459 = $ 459
Double Entry 90 days 20 business days $ 0.00 + $ 384 = $ 384
Double Entry 90 days 15 business days $ 0.00 + $ 434 = $ 434
Double Entry 90 days 11 business days $ 0.00 + $ 484 = $ 484

The earliest you can apply for Business Russian Visa is 45 days before your entry date to Russia.

Maximum stay in Russia: 30 - 90 days.

If you need to stay in Russia for more than 30 days at one time, business visas can give you the flexibility of visits of up to 12 month. The earliest you can apply for a business Russian Visa is 45 days before your entry date to Russia.

Please, note that the processing time is calculated from the next business day following the receipt of your documents.

All Visa Processing is in business day(s), the shipping doesn’t count towards your Visa Processing time, please keep this in mind and plan accordingly.



Children apply for separate visas if they travel on their own passports. Non-traveling parents must confirm in an affidavit their consent for their children's travel. If the child's surname differs from that of his (her) parents, a copy of the child's birth certificate must be enclosed.

Guests of the diplomatic staff or employees of the Foreign Diplomatic and Consular Missions in Russia are advised to obtain official invitation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow (MFA). This type of invitation must be sent to the Consulate through MFA internal channels (telex). Ask your relatives\friends to apply this invitation to MFA in Moscow. For all Foreign Embassies\Consulates in Russia it's standard procedure.

A facilitated visa agreement between the European Union and the Russian Federation became effective on June 1, 2007. The agreement applies only to citizens of the European Union (except Great Britain, Ireland) and sets a uniform fee for EU applicants. The visa fee for EU citizens irrespective of purpose of travel is $50 for single and multiple entry visas. The fee for express visas which are issued within 3 business day is $100.

Applicants who used to be citizens of the USSR or of the Russian Federation and then emigrated from the USSR or from Russia must submit: one of the documents which confirms that they are no longer citizens of the Russian Federation (so called "Visa to Israel" or stamp in their passport saying that they left for "permanent residence abroad" before the 6th of February, 1992 or official document certifying that their Russian citizenship was abrogated), otherwise the applications will not be accepted.

Official hospital HIV (AIDS) Test Certificate is required along with your paperwork if you apply for a visa valid for more than 3 months (work or student visas only). For multiple entry business visas HIV (AID) Test Certificate is NOT required.

No medical insurance is officially required for the US citizens,, unless they stay in Russia for 6 months or more. Prior to your visit, consult your medical insurance issuer for details.

Mandatory medical insurance insurance on the basis of reciprocity is required for the citizens of Estonia, Israel and Finland, as well as for the citizens of Schengen Agreement Member-States (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and other Schengen states).

Double-entry Visa is issued for two entries if indicated in invitation. All arrival and departure dates must be indicated.

If Russia or one of the former Soviet republics is listed in your passport as country of birth, you are required to provide documented proof that you are no longer a citizen of the Russian Federation. Here are examples of such proof:

  • a copy of your old Soviet passport that has departure stamp dated prior to February of 1992 and indicates that you immigrated for permanent residency;
  • a copy of the visa to the country where you immigrated, in case your Soviet passport was confiscated upon departure;
  • a copy of the document issued by Russian consulate or Embassy that verifies renouncement of your Russian citizenship, in case you renounced it officially;
  • a copy of the passport issued by another country (including former Soviet republics) with departure stamp, in case you left that country and were a citizen of that country at the time of your departure.

Please note that becoming a US citizen does not make one automatically lose Russian citizenship. If you remain a citizen of the Russian Federation, it is advised to use a valid Russian travel passport, and the consulate reserves the right to deny a visa to applicants with dual (Russian and US) citizenship.


In case you do not require passport expediting service or visa processing service, you can apply directly through the U.S. Department of State and avoid paying service fees, as well as directly through consulates of the countries you need visas for - see embassy and consulate list

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